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Strategies for an Effective Remote Workplace

Strategies for an Effective Remote Workplace

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Whether your organization has a hybrid work model, or a 100% remote workforce, there are several strategies for having effective and engaged employees. One of the great things about a virtual work situation is that employees can come from a diverse environment, bringing together a pool of talent that previously would have been inaccessible due to the physical location of the office. However, it can be a challenge those employees feel like they are connected and a part of a team to support the mission and growth of the company. Here are some suggestions for creating an engaged and effective remote workplace.


Communication is Key

It’s almost impossible to over-communicate with a remote team. When working remotely, you don’t have the opportunity to collaborate in person, or to quickly pop over to someone’s desk to ask them a question or get their thoughts. With remote work, it just takes a little more effort. However, by communicating frequently, it will ensure everyone is on the same page, that the team feels more connected, and build up trust. Thanks to technology, there are a variety of tools most companies use to encourage communication in the workplace including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Video Conferencing, and Project management software.


Have Shared Responsibilities

Dice recently spoke with the co-founder of a company that has operated remotely since day one. In the article, he recommended building a culture of trust through shared responsibility. If people feel like they are alone on their own island at work, compared to working in a collaborative environment, their productivity and employee satisfaction declines. In the article, he goes on to say, “It helps to create a culture where everyone trusts one another and accepts that they share in the success—or failure—of the company. Here, everyone does their part and strives to do it well, knowing their performance will impact their peers’ abilities to deliver results. Trust is enormously important in a remote organization. An employee in Europe working on a project with someone in North America needs to trust their colleague is doing their part to see the project through. They can’t see them. They can’t always talk to them. So, they need to trust them.”


Celebrate Success and Achievements

Employee recognition is a big aspect of an employee’s overall satisfaction with their job. People like to know when they are doing a good job and be recognized for their achievements. With a remote team, you don’t have the option to give a high-five or take the team out to lunch to celebrate, but there are other ways to show your appreciation. If you need some ideas on ways to celebrate, here’s a great article. Having a positive work environment where you celebrate both big and small achievements, helps boost morale.



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